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Motorcycle & Bicycle

  • 100% plush polyester fabric 
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer 
  • UV protection to resist fading 
  • Easy to clean with water and a sponge 
  • Seats feel soft and look clean and brand new

Motorcycle Seat Covers help to keep you cool and dry in the summer heat and warm and toasty in the winter cold. Wool's ability to absorb moisture through its shaft wicks the moisture (perspiration) from your skin.

Air circulating in and around the wool fiber evaporates the wet helping to keep you dry and comfortable. Millions of springy wool fibers keep you separated from your seat's leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery as you ride on a cushion of air. The air space insulates you from the seat and maintains your body temperature. No more burnt buns and summer sweaty backs that get "glued" to the seat or backrest.

In the colder weather when you shiver, you are producing heat and the dead air space acts to trap and re-circulate your own body heat.

Sheepskin used as a seat cover on a motorcycle helps cut down on vibration and fatigue on long rides and protects the saddle's leather or vinyl from damaging-drying ultra violet rays of the sun. The leather side of sheepskin provides durability and the wool fleece allows you to slide across the seat with little or no friction when mounting and dismounting.  

Here's something to think about. How important do you think is a bicycle seat cover? 

At first it seems like as long as the bicycle has two wheels— or four wheels, for beginners—and a seat, it's a bicycle as good as any other. 

But what you don't know is there's a significant, almost essential difference between a bicycle with a seat cover and one without it. 

Who knew that something so trivial as a bicycle seat cover could affect your performance and overall experience as a cyclist?