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Seat covers should fit the seat snugly with no sagging ends. There are a few important instructions to follow when attempting to install car seat covers and the installation method will vary depending on the type and style of seat covers you have.

For universal bucket seats, first remove the headrest and place the top seat cover over the top of the seat and pull it down over the seat. Then place bottom seat cover over the bottom of the seat so that the cover fits snugly over the seat. Fasten the elastic under seat with the supplied "S" hooks and tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in the correct shape. Make sure the seat cover fits the seat perfectly and then re-install the headrest.

Installation of custom fit seat covers requires more steps than other car seat covers. First, remove any guards or shields covering the original material that may obstruct the seat cover installation. Install the bottom seat cover first. Tie the three strings provided to the bottom seat cover flap and attach them to the loops on the flap. Fasten them under the seat to the springs or to another loop on the opposite side of the seat cover. Next place the seat cover backrest on the seat backrest and tie the strings or straps to the loops on the seat cover backrest. Feed the strings or straps between the bottom of the seat and the backrest. Fasten the straps to the corresponding loops on the top or sides of the seat cover, making sure that seat covers fits correctly. Make small holes in the seat cover fabric to accommodate the headrests and re-insert headrests and hardware.