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Truck Seat Covers

  • Protect your current new seats
  • Increase the resale or trade-in value
  • Enhance your old seats
  • Great investment

The main purpose of after-market seat covers is to protect your cloth, vinyl or leather car seat upholstery from the daily use of people, kids and dogs. Seat covers provide protection against food, liquid, dirt, grease and grime that leave stains, and prevent tears, rips or holes in the upholstery. Seat covers also protect your seats from UV sun rays that cause upholstery to crack, peel and split. With seat covers, edging and trim doesn't rip, fall off or hang lose. The better the car seat upholstery condition is, the more money you can receive when you sell or trade your vehicle in. This is why aftermarket seat covers are a great idea.

Information you will need to purchase aftermarket seat covers:
  • Year, make, model and sub-model, number of doors, drive. 
  • Decide if you want front, middle or rear seat covers. 
  • Do you want seat covers that are one or two piece? 
  • Do you want the seat covers to cover a portion or all of the seat back? 
  • How many rows of seats 1,2,3? 
  • Are headrests built into the seat or are they removable on headrest poles? 
  • Do you have single or double armrest? Are armrests separate or attached to the seat? 
  • Do you have a console? Is the console separate, between seats or attached to seats? If you have a center console, does it have an opening or cup holder? 
  • Do you have bucket seats? Is the seat a high back bucket (headrest is built into the seat) or low back bucket (removable headrest on a headrest pole).
  • Do you have bench seats? Front, rear or middle? Is your bench: solid or split? If split what kind of split: 50/50/ or 40/20/40 or 70/30 or 60/40? Is the split on the top and bottom of the seat or just on the bottom?
  • Are your seats manual or electric?
  • Do you have side air bags? 
  • Do the seats have buttons or dials (lumbar support) that moves the seat back and forth located on the back or the side of the seat?
  • Are seat belts built into the shoulder of the seat or do they come from the seat belt pillar.

Aftermarket seat covers are going to be a great investment for your vehicle, protecting its original interior, and maintaining the resale value of your vehicle.